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Ghost Me

By Alan Ng | June 22, 2021

In Anisha Savan’s short horror, Ghost Me, you’re not just taking the girl, but the ghosts that come with her. Joe (Harry Seabrook) and Kat (Meghan Boyle) are on an incredible first date at Kat’s apartment. Joe dares to be honest about his failures in his last relationship and the girl with whom he ignored once it went sour. Kat, in turn, is comfortable enough to confess that her apartment is haunted.

Naturally skeptical, Kat takes Joe to a small ornate box in the living room. Kat writes a note to her “ghost” and places it in the box. After a few seconds, the box opens mysteriously, and a note appears with a response. As Joe spends the night with Kat, he awakens and decides to “test the box.” All goes well until the ghost asks, “Do you like Kat?”

“Kat, in turn, is comfortable enough to confess that her apartment is haunted.”

Horror and comedy shorts have a lot in common. It’s the laughs and screams that are interchangeable, but they always end with a punch line. Ghost Me sets up a premise, and in this case, it’s a commentary on “ghosting” in dating situations.

I would have liked the creep and horror factor turned up a few notches in the third act. My biggest complaint is when your short film features a lot of handwritten notes, you’ve got to write the notes larger (thicker, if possible) and give us more time to read them. I spent a great deal of time pausing just to see what was written. I liked the ironic twist at the end. I did not see the swerve coming, so that’s enough for a recommendation.

Ghost Me (2021)

Directed and Written: Anisha Savan

Starring: Harry Seabrook, Meghan Boyle, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Ghost Me Image

"…a commentary on 'ghosting' in dating situations."

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