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Galaxy Love

By Alan Ng | July 12, 2021

The press materials for Galaxy Love state that it is “an experimental/commercial about two kinds of characterized herb teas — butterfly pea and hibiscus — which are frozen by the ice force, have to break the ice prison and find each other across the galaxy to fulfill their mission.”


“…an experimental/commercial about two kinds of characterized herb teas…”

I don’t typically add a direct synopsis of a film in my review, but it’s important to have some backstory for Ryan Tian’s sci-fi venture because you’d never figure it out from the actual short film. The writer and director has helmed an atypical narrative short, one that feels like a neon sales presentation for a fictional herbal tea company of the future.

If anything, Galaxy Love is an art presentation masquerading as a commercial. The short film features some interesting reflective filter effects for the Butterfly Pea drink and some incredible shots of a hibiscus flower frozen in an ice cube floating in liquid. The short ends with a close-up of a swirling glass of ice and water with some incredible lighting effects. It offers some incredible commercial sci-fi art, and in under two minutes, it goes by fast.

Galaxy Love (2021)

Directed and Written: Ryan Tian

Starring: Ryan Tian, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Galaxy Love Image

"…offers some incredible commercial sci-fi art..."

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