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Furthest From

By Alan Ng | January 8, 2021

A young girl must confront a series of losses in Kyung Sok Kim and Rex Reyes’ short film, Furthest From. Their story opens in a small trailer park community in Novato, California. Everyone is out and enjoying themselves. Jessie (Amanda Christine), with her best friend, Lucas (Tucker Chandler), chases two other kids in a game of sci-fi cops-and-robbers.

As the camera shifts, we overhear a very serious conversation between adults concerning news that the trailer park is shutting down because of an MTBE water contamination problem. One by one, her friends at the park move away. Only Lucas is left… until today.

“One by one, her friends at the park move away.”

Furthest From is a beautifully shot story about children facing significant change in their lives. They say never work with children, but Kim and Reyes have found themselves a firecracker in Amanda Christine. She lights up every scene with her presence. It also helps that this girl can act. As Jessie, Christine is able to use her tough exterior to hid her deep insecurities to avoid the realities of her situation.

Growing up, I moved around a lot, and now I’m watching my kid face the same thing as her friends begin moving out of state. The words “I’ll never see you again!” are stinging ones for adults and children. It’s never easy to say goodbye and find oneself in this constant state of making new friends, only to lose them sometime later. Furthest From is a heartfelt story of hearts breaking.

Furthest From (2020)

Directed: Kyung Sok Kim

Written: Rex Reyes

Starring: Amanda Christine, Tucker Chandler, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Furthest From Image

"…Kim and Reyes found themselves a firecracker in Amanda Christine."

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