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By Alan Ng | October 1, 2020

Is there an afterlife? Where do we go when we pass on? Jeffrey Nicholson’s Frackers answers those questions in a light, comedic way as a diversion until we are forced by the heavy hand of fate to answer those questions for real.

Dr. Alan Ross (Adam Litwin) is a mild-mannered scientist who dies while on an online date wearing a giant plastic bubble suit. Now Alan finds himself in another dimension checking into a facility called StarCo with a cast of equally dead characters awaiting their fate. StarCo is the place where souls transition from their current state into either becoming a star (which the university is in short supply) or fertilizer (some sort of green goo).

“…the place where souls transition from their current state into either becoming a star…or fertilizer.”

Reminiscent of the plot to Defending Your Life, this group of humans are at StarCo because they lived a less-than-inspiring life on Earth and have not experienced enough love and transformative experiences to evolve into stars properly. Alan was a scientist destined for great discoveries but was too afraid of taking chances in life. Along with Alan is a small-time mob thug/musician (Joey Folsom), a police officer (Nancy Sherrard), a C-level action star (Cottrell Guidry), and others—but what they have in common is they never lived up to their potential.

Then there are the frackers—Sophia, (Grace Montie), Sparky (Chris Henson), Glint (Bryan Massey), and Athena (Amber Shana Williams). They are aliens who took on human form and who’s goal is to guide their human clients to literal star-dom. But the success rate amongst humans is low, and the executives at StarCo plan to shut down the human branch in three days, which means humans will evolve directly to fertilizer. Now it’s up to the humans and loyal Frackers to prove that humans are worth saving, and it all culminates with a talent show to save humanity. Yep. That’s the plot.

Frackers (2020)

Directed: Jeffrey Nicholson

Written: Adam Litwin, Bennett Litwin

Starring: Adam Litwin, Laura Flannery, Jusithann Anderson, Nick Caldwell, Cottrell Guidry, Chris Henson, Amber Shana Williams, etc.

Movie score: 4/10

Frackers Image

"…the quality of comedy and silliness is consistent..."

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