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Finding The Money

By Terry Sherwood | October 18, 2023

In the television series, Madmen John Hamm’s character Don Draper said ‘If You don’t like the narrative, change the narrative” On television, we had the characters of Mr. Drysdale from The Beverly Hillbillies, Theodore J Mooney from The Lucy Show and who could forget Thurston Howell the Third from Gilligan Island. Could the myth of money and tax have been wrong? Could countries’ monetary systems not be telling the true story Maren Poitras’s film Finding the Money says it is?

No, this is not a conspiracy theory film but professing a different, if not controversial, view of money. These ideas are built chiefly around changing economic theory called Modern Monetary Theory with an American slant built chiefly around clips from News stories. There are no actors in this film, only people going about their lives and speaking on camera in various situations.

The picture follows mostly Stephanie Kelton or Dr. Stephanie Kelton, who presents in a series of lectures on Modern Monetary Theory or “MMT,” turning things chiefly to attack the funding of the Green New Deal in the USA. Other Governments have similar legislation, such as solar power initiatives, green industries, carbon footprint limiting, and emissions all with different names.

“…built chiefly around changing economic theory called Modern Monetary Theory with an American slant…”

Theories are explained with past presidents speaking in dire terms of the national debt and the best clock. The first part seems to harp on the definition of debt and money. The idea is that the currency is originated by a government, etc., and the debt is not debt at all but a hidden surplus. Taxes are not needed to fund growth.   The ideas are explained well enough in a rapid manner with animated graphs.

The face of the film and these lectures is Dr. Stephania Kelton, who presents a strong image and calm manner in speaking these theories of new economics. She did not originate this idea as she sat in the film but with a   person named Walter Mosler. Mr Mosler appears in the film saying his beliefs that he originated as far back as late 1982 when he founded a hedge fund. Mosler and these theories did not sit well with people involved in that business.   What do you do when that happens? You change the message, and in comes Blonde, effective, soft-spoken Stephanie Kelton.

Finding the Money presents economic theory with panache and authority without specifics. This documentary style will appeal to those who don’t want deep theory but material discussed in general terms to draw conclusions. These conclusions are presented by a variety of sincere expected in their field. So, get out the stock apps some of you have on your phones. Don Draper said it again: “Make it simple, but powerful’ when referring to a message, and this is what Finding the Money will be for some. The lunch must always be paid.

Finding the Money (2023)

Directed and Written: Maren Poitras

Starring: Stephanie Kelton, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Finding the Money Image

"…appeal to those who don’t want deep theory, but material discussed in general terms to draw conclusions."

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