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By Alan Ng | November 12, 2021

In the complex world of human relationships, when exactly is the right time to attempt to fix someone else’s problem… before it becomes your problem. That’s the question posed in Anne Mulhall and Britt McTammany’s short film, Extreme.

Our story opens on a prim and order woman (Jaclyn Cole), placing both exquisite and mundane items meticulously on a spotless, white table. They are positioned perfectly to spell out the title of this short. The woman then receives a phone call from her sister (Kristen Walsh), who insists on coming over to the house today. The woman resists the self-invite, saying that her home is not ready for visitors.

“…when exactly is the right time to attempt to fix someone else’s problem…”

There is something wrong with the woman, and her sister knows it. So much so that the sister is seen in a support group seeking advice on how to help. But how do you help someone who doesn’t want help?

Extreme places us in the shoes of those who have family members suffering from a compulsive lifestyle, but this story could easily apply to addiction as well. So while the short drama may not have the answer (is there even one?), it does say you’re not alone.

Extreme (2021)

Directed: Anne Mulhall, Britt Thomas McTammany

Written: Jaclyn Cole, Anne Mulhall

Starring: Jaclyn Cole, Salem Murphy, Kristen Walsh, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Extreme Image

"…places us in the shoes of those who have family members suffering from a compulsive lifestyle..."

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