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By Alan Ng | October 10, 2022

Two detectives investigate the murder of a young female in writer-director Aaron M. Abelto’s crime short, Evoke.

Crime is on the rise in the city, and they’re becoming even more challenging to solve. Detective Caine (Tony Torres) is pushed to his breaking point when there is no evidence found surrounding the death of a young female victim. Soon, he uncovers a conspiracy involving his trusted partner, Abel (Aaron M. Abelto).

Evoke is a simple story of two detectives being pushed to the point of insanity. Caine is frustrated that the body count keeps rising, and there’s nothing he can do about it. On the other hand, Abel has his personal demons to fight. Ultimately both realize they forgot what made them want to be cops in the first place.

“Two detectives investigate the murder of a young female…”

For Aaron M. Abelto, this film is part of a series of short films produced by the emerging filmmaker. The story has the potential to be bigger, as it felt a little incomplete since we get mere hints of what is beneath the psyche of our heroes. Most importantly, we need more backstory to create a fully developed character for our leads. What made them who they are today? Also, a lot of the acting features supporting characters on the phone, and the dialogue delivery comes off as too scripted versus feeling like they’re having a phone conversation.

Still, in the end, Evoke tells an exciting story. Abelto masterfully creates a world on the cusp of a crime war. Both Caine and Abel have exciting stories to expand this story and this world, but they need more time to tell them.

For more information about Evoke, visit Aaron M. Abelto’s official website.

Evoke (2022)

Directed and Written: Aaron M. Abelto

Starring: Aaron M. Abelto, Tony Torres, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

Evoke Image

"…masterfully creates a world on the cusp of a crime war."

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