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Enthusiasm Abounds

By Alan Ng | April 30, 2019

Mark Ross’ Enthusiasm Abounds finds inspiration from various filmic dystopian futures. And in his own future, humans are stripped down to the basic essentials needed to stay happy and content or as the machines put it, “Enthusiasm Abounds.”

Ross’ short film centers on a particular human known as Vassal 44244 (Anthony Burkhalter) and the computer that treats him like a science rat and “fed” exactly what he needs to ensure that “Enthusiasm Abound.” The essentials above come in the form of a home consisting of a small room with a bed and enough room to give him his next essential element of survival: exercise. The computer has him on a consistent daily regimen of jumping jacks. Then our vassal is given his daily calories in the form of a macaroni meal on a tray. Finally, 44244 has work or purpose in the way of processing 1333 widgets each day. Then the cycle repeats.

“…humans are stripped down to the basic essentials needed to stay happy and content…”

Every day, it’s the same thing without variation. As with some, the routine becomes boring, and our Vassal decides to rebel a little, but the computer demands nothing less than “Enthusiasm Abounds.” From here, I invite you to watch the short film for yourself.

All-in-all Enthusiasm Abounds is a solidly-produced piece of science-fiction and captures a Twilight Zone-vibe ending with a tidy, yet satisfying tag. The short was made to look like an old industrial film from the ’60s with only one effects misstep that’s noticeable but this is really nit-picky.

Writers Anthony Burkhalter and director Mark Ross pack a nice sci-fi punch with a simple set, a one-man cast, and a simple idea that plays out nicely from beginning to end. Enthusiasm Abounds is definitely worth a moment of your time.

Enthusiasm Abounds (2019) Directed by Mark Ross. Written by Anthony Burkhalter and Mark Ross. Starring Anthony Burkhalter.

7.5 out of 10 stars

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