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By Steve Anderson | January 10, 2006

Okay, so this one’s a little interesting. This one is actually part of Fangoria’s big talent search, the Blood Drive. It wasn’t so long ago when Fango released Blood Drive, introduced by Rob Zombie, and then its follow-up, Blood Drive II.

See, what Fango does is they get a whole bunch of short films together, kinda like a little film festival in its own right, and take the very best films to make their “Blood Drive” release.

The last Blood Drive was introduced by Rob Zombie, featured interviews with Stan Winston and Clive Barker, plus lots of extras.

Here, we’re going to catch a look at “Mainstream”, one of the winners at Blood Drive II.

So what we have here is The Pointless and Disturbing Edition of ER. For little or no stated reason, we watch as a man is subjected to seemingly hideous medical treatments, including the removal of fluid from the brain and some kind of procedure involving tubes and the stomach. The man then goes home, his wife asks how his day was, she gets no response. She then fetches a prescription medication bottle while he sits down and watches TV.

Congratulations, everybody, that’s the entire movie right there.

What the hell were they thinking??

This isn’t a movie! This is some guy getting briefly and nonpermanently mutilated before going back to suburbia! There’s no plot, there sure as hell isn’t a story here, there’s nothing but some admittedly rather good machine effects and an otherwise pointless excursion!

If THIS was the best that Fango could field for Blood Drive II, then I cringe at the thought of seeing the REST of the winners!

All in all, I want my nine minutes back. This was pointless drivel executed for no other purpose than to exhibit some pretty decent mechanical effects.

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