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By Alan Ng | October 31, 2022

In director Saul Abraham’s short film, Enjoy, our hero finds himself slowly spiraling into a deep depression. Can anything or anyone help him change course for the better?

Michael (Himesh Patel) is heading down the wrong path toward depression (assuming he’s not there already). His relationship with his girlfriend, Katie (Maddy Hill), has gone cold, and he’s unable to focus on work. Michael wishes instead to pursue spending his life producing his spoken word and slam poetry. He faces his biggest challenge as a tutor for young Archibald (Tom Sweet), an aggressively spoiled kid who ruthlessly challenges both his mother and Michael’s authority — Archibald is a real child from Hell!

“…faces his biggest challenge as a tutor for young Archibald, an aggressively spoiled kid…”

As always, veteran actor Himesh Patel gives a subtle and nuanced performance. He navigates Michael’s character arc brilliantly. He finds the right level of depression and low energy while keeping us engaged in the character’s journey.

The strength of Enjoy is in its story by screenwriter Callum Cameron. It follows Michael as he tries to fight his way out of this funk. No joy is found at home, swimming, or his job. His love of the spoken word is this only shining light, but it’s quickly snuffed out by reality. The spotlight put on the young Archie, and his abuse toward the tutor serves almost as Michael’s inner voice spouting every demeaning thought he has about himself and his passions.

Enjoy ends with a small glimmer of hope to satisfyingly end this tale. It seems small victories win wars along the way.

Enjoy is currently streaming on Disney+. For screening information, visit the Enjoy official website.

Enjoy (2022)

Directed: Saul Abraham

Written: Callum Cameron

Starring: Himesh Patel, Tom Sweet, Maddy Hill, Sara Stewart, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Enjoy Image

"…veteran actor Himesh Patel gives a subtle and nuanced performance."

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