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Eco-Terrorist: Battle for Our Planet

By Brittany Witherspoon | January 2, 2020

If there’s one thing viewers can expect from Brown’s film, it’s raw and unfiltered, revealing some of the most heinous acts made against various living beings. Animal cruelty is put under the microscope on a large scale from the Conservation Society’s viewpoint. The slaughtering of helpless whales and seals was kept under wraps for far too long. And director Peter Brown doesn’t hide the brutality these animals have faced for countless years. Viewer discretion is certainly advised, but showcasing the unnecessary evil is essential in getting the world as angry as it should be.

“Viewer discretion is certainly advised, but showcasing the unnecessary evil is essential in getting the world as angry as it should be.”

One of the most fascinating aspects of Eco-Terrorist is its dedication to showing the monstrosities carried out by various research groups. But viewers can expect an added benefit within this documentary. The relationships among the crew members are shown as they carry out their mission to defend, conserve, and protect marine wildlife. With an enthusiastic dedication to such a cause, it’s easy to display great emotion and anger while doing so. And while this is certainly the case, it’s nice to see that, ultimately, members of the SSCS love what they do, and they love doing it together. Even when they’re not directly at sea cleaning up someone else’s mess, the Conservation Society found ways to impact the world, leaving behind a legacy that will survive long after the research groups go out of business.

Overall, the documentary shows how one idea turned into a dream, one dream turned into an initiative, and one initiative became a global movement that has not only touched the lives of humans all over the world but saved many innocent wildlife animals and oceans in the process. In the battle for planet Earth, the SSCS has and continually stands for wildlife and ocean conservation. They might be recognized as one of the most infamous eco-terrorists among research groups, but to many advocates of oceanic life preservation, they’re the vigilantes who get the job done by any means necessary. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s guerrilla tactics and rebellion might anger those proclaiming to study it, but it’s what they do to help save our planet… And they apologize to no one.

Eco-Terrorist: Battle for Our Planet (2019)

Directed: Peter Brown

Written: Peter Brown, Tim Huntley

Starring: Paul Watson, Peter Brown, Peter Hammarstedt, Daryl Hannah, George Schlatter, Robert Hunter, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Eco-Terrorist: Battle for Our Planet Image

"…the SSCS acted on behalf of the law, enforcing the rules when the government(s) turned a blind eye."

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