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Echoes of You

By Dylan Andresen | December 6, 2019

Echoes of You is a touching dramatic short film that emphasizes the importance of music and how it binds us all together. This is exemplified in the lives of two downtrodden individuals — Andrew (Laurence Fuller), a lowly custodian with unacknowledged musical talent and dreams of grandeur. And Christopher (Zakary Risinger), a homeless child trying to survive on the streets, beckoned to the concert hall by the beauty of Andrew’s music. 

The performances of Fuller and Risinger are truly heartwarming. Both of them are able to convey so much feeling of longing, loss, and redemption through the silence of their eyes. Together they show the magic of music through their surrogate relationship as they liken each other first to a teacher and pupil and then to a father and son. Through them and the depicted desire to give without agenda, and to receive with sincerity and interest;  my faith in all of humanity seemed renewed.


Together they show the magic of music through their surrogate relationship…”

The lighting of the film is elegantly understated as if to lend further emphasis on the music being performed. The consciously limited color palette to muted and neutral colors lends that much more to each rendition of the piece. The only vibrancy that exists is in the music. Whenever the piano is given center stage and played, the dust seems to hang and dance in the light. As if conducted by the melody. A perfect utility of lighting and sound.

The melody performed throughout is truly a beautiful piece of music. Simple yet serene in the way the keys of the piano tug at your heartstrings upon each rendition, punctuation the longing in both Andrew to play professionally and Christopher to play at all. You will not simply want them to play and continue to play, but you will feel the urge to compose music yourself.

Rarely has so much emotion been conveyed so sincerely in such little screen time. If music has ever touched your heart, it will again through this film. This movie and keys of the piano will linger with you like a favored song. Definitely worth your time.

Echoes of You (2019)

Directed and Written: Henry Quilici

Starring: Laurence Fuller, Zakary Risinger, Jeff Sable, Aaron Segal, Jeff Harms, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Echoes of  You Image

"…The keys of the piano tug at your heartstrings..."

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