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Easter Bloody Easter

By Bobby LePire | March 28, 2024

Easter Bloody Easter is awash in jokes. There’s a visual gag, wordplay, or just plain silliness on display every second of the 94-minute runtime. As briefly mentioned already, not everything works. Those teens are seriously bad; therefore, they are not funny or interesting. But for every comedic bit that fails, there is one immediately after that does land. At the big Easter party for the town (the best joke in the film, but far be it from me to ruin that), Carol and Easter Bunny hunter Megan (yes, that is a real thing here; Zuri Starks) cannot find Jeanie at a crucial moment. Carol looks to the bar, but she’s not there. Carol then quips, “The one time you want her at the bar.” It is hilarious. Every conversation Mary Lou and Annie Sue have is so mean it is shocking and funny.

So the humor mainly works, but what about the creature action? It is serviceable but not memorable. The Jackalope looks interesting, but its range of motion is limited. The little demonic bunny puppets fare better. They are fluffy and menacing and hit the comedy-horror angle better than the central evil entity.

“…the hit-to-miss ratio is high.”

Foster excels at portraying the annoyed but determined Jeanie. Her comedic timing is on point, as is the actor’s handling of the few dramatic beats. The reveal of why Lance is gone is authentically sad. Lobel is a blast from start to finish. She finds the balance between over-the-top and actual character and makes Mary Lou more than just a bitch. Grant is sweet, and she and Foster share strong chemistry.

Easter Bloody Easter starts off rocky, and not every joke lands. However, due to the sheer number of punchlines, the hit-to-miss ratio is high. The leads thoroughly understand the material and deliver perfectly calibrated performances to match the intentional cheese of the plot. In the pantheon of Easter horror films, this is a good one to rewatch every spring.

For more information, visit the official Easter Bloody Easter site.

Easter Bloody Easter (2024)

Directed: Diane Foster

Written: Allison Lobel

Starring: Diane Foster, Allison Lobel, Kelly Grant, D'Andre Noiré, Faye Viviana, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Easter Bloody Easter Image

"…in the pantheon of Easter horror films, this is a good one to rewatch every spring."

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