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By Alan Ng | February 8, 2022

The setup for Dennis Cahlo’s horror short, Doors, is pretty straightforward. Starting with a knock at the door, a woman (Bethany Watson) is terrorized by unseen forces.

“…with a knock at the door, a woman is terrorized by unseen forces.”

Doors runs a quick four minutes, and it is essentially a setup for bigger scares to come. Cahlo preys on the fear of being alone, the uncertainty of every suspicious sound, and the tricks the mind plays on us. The tension is creepy and builds upon itself as the minutes pass.

While Cahlo does a good job of building tension, I have to believe that filming Doors at night, in darkness, might have enhanced the terror in a way that broad daylight is incapable of. Short films allow us to push the suspense as far as possible and really scare people.

For more information about Doors, visit director Dennis Cahlo’s Instagram page.

Doors (2022)

Directed: Dennis Cahlo

Written: Bethany Watson

Starring: Bethany Watson, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Doors Image

"…does a good job of building tension..."

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