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Dooley Does Murder!

By Alan Ng | April 17, 2023

According to Dawn Storey’s comedic horror short, Dooley Does Murder!, “NECKrophilia” is an unhealthy obsession or fetish with the necks of others and the fiendish focus of our protagonist. Storey’s tale is about an assuming man named Dooley (Storey). He’s a handsome, queer perfume salesman who finds himself at the end of his rope. No one is buying what he is selling, and all the morning affirmations he meditates on are of no use.

When Dooley tries to pay half his rent to his landlord Doris (Allana Barton), she insists on getting the total amount and then shows Dooley a folder full of neck photos and threatens to expose his fetish. Dooley has no choice, but to bash in Doris’ head, which sets off a chain of murderous activities.

“Dooley has no choice, but the bash in Doris’ head, which sets off a chain of murderous activities.”

Dooley Does Murder! is a nice, tidy character study of a conflicted man who turns to murder. As Dooley, writer/director/star Dawn Storey creates a man with all the confidence in the world. But he is slapped in the face with reality and the realization that the rest of the world sees an entirely different and somewhat pathetic person. And snap! A killer is born.

Running at ten minutes, the story is essentially the birth of a serial killer ending just at the start of his killing spree. Based on this short, Dooley Does Murder! has the potential to expand to feature length but really needs to delve deep into the psyche of Dooley and find the right Antagonist to foil his plans.

For more information about Dooley Does Murder!, visit the Project 429 official website.

Dooley Does Murder! (2023)

Directed and Written: Dawn Storey

Starring: Dawn Storey, Allana Barton, Reid Schmidt, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Dooley Does Murder! Image

"…a nice, tidy character study of a conflicted man..."

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