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DJ Hound Dog

By Alan Ng | August 17, 2020

I’ll be honest, in my youth, heading out to nightclubs or raves was not exactly something I looked forward to on the weekends. It wasn’t my cup of tea, so I resigned myself to experience it all through television and movies. Migel Delgado and Jon Jacobs’ DJ Hound Dog takes audiences into that world of nightclubs and strobe lights via DJs… albeit a highly charged and glamorized vision of the DJ.

Our film opens with the mutton-chopped DJ Hound Dog (Jon Jacobs) donned with an affinity toward Elvis. He then proceeds to bring an energetic pool party to a screeching halt spinning what sounds like a 50s rock n’ roll album on a turntable. Now starts the Hound Dog’s journey from obscurity to night club greatness.

“…creates music and rises as an emerging DJ in Miami and then finds new success in Ibiza.”

Frustrated by the experience, DJ Hound Dog slips into conversations with some of the famous DJs in Miami. He idolizes them as he gleans valuable advice from relaxed banter about subjects like feeling the music and the importance of creating your own sound. Throughout the course of the film, our protagonist creates music and rises as an emerging DJ in Miami and then finds new success in Ibiza.

What I didn’t know about DJs at the time was how much sex they get…or maybe it’s just the charismatic DJ Hound Dog, who gets it all. I don’t know. This guy’s got game, and he doesn’t need to try that hard. First, he hooks up quickly with Tai (Charlotte Lewis). The two are caught mid-coitus by Tai’s girlfriend, Cat (Tina Wiseman), but Hound Dog is so good, Tai wants to keep him around for his bedroom “talents.” When Tai is gone for a few days, Hound Dog hooks up with Cat and opens up her inner bi-sexuality.

DJ Hound Dog (22)

Directed: Miguel Delgado, Jon Jacobs

Written: James Ricardo

Starring: Jon Jacobs, Charlotte Lewis, Tina Wiseman, Ivelin Giro, Mara Zauska, etc.

Movie score: 5.5/10

DJ Hound Dog Image

"…it's almost like following a person around from a distance."

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