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By Michael Talbot-Haynes | February 29, 2024

NOW ON VOD! Hell hath no fury as juicy as this in the volcanic home-wrecking thriller Demise, written and directed by Yara Estrada Lowe. It starts with a bang as fashion designer Fiona (Crystal Hernandez) climaxes with Caleb (Carlo Mendez) in her bedroom. She isn’t pleased that after a year of sleeping together, he still hasn’t left his wife, Celine (Liz Fenning). He pleads with her, saying he and Celine will soon be over, leaving Fiona mad.

“She isn’t pleased that after a year of sleeping together, he still hasn’t left his wife…”

When Caleb gets home, he tells Celine he is on a business trip and not to forget the reservations they had tonight with friends. Caleb has to buy Celine a new dress at the last minute to keep up with her overdoing friend. Celine loves the dress and looks great at the restaurant while having a great time with her husband. Then Fiona walks in with a date, and she is wearing the exact same dress as Celine. Celine and her friend were puzzled when Caleb turned purple, as he bought both dresses. He confronts Fiona secretly in a corner, who is defiant despite his reluctance to leave his wife. Fiona’s fashion design partner, Miquel (Morris Jude), knows all about the affair and doubts Caleb will get divorced.

Meanwhile, Celine is excited to start a family and keeps trying to get Caleb to be intimate while she is ovulating. She is frustrated that Caleb always seems tired when it is time, not knowing nothing is left after Fiona gets done. Then she gets horrible news from the doctor that she has a less than 1% chance of ever conceiving. Shattered, she reaches out to her husband, weeping. She then sees a text come in on his phone and asks who Fiona is. As Caleb stammers away, Celine reads the text that says Fiona is pregnant.

Demise (2024)

Directed and Written: Yara Estrada Lowe

Starring: Crystal Hernandez, Carlo Mendez, Liz Fenning, Morris Jude, Caitlin Rose Williams, Lucy Serrano, Richard Rivera, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Demise Image

"…has the unadorned simplicity of a hypodermic needle and is just as effective."

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  1. Debra Pinson says:

    Looking forward to seeing this movie. I’m hearing good things about it.

  2. famous says:

    Phenomenal review. “ I also noticed how many times they make Mendez take his top off”….Had me in tears. We need more critics who just get it

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