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Death to Metal

By Chris Salce | December 16, 2021

Tim Connery wrote and directed Death To Metal, his first feature film in nearly seven years. The slasher-comedy follows Zane (Alex Stein), lead singer of the metal band Withered Christ. He discovers that another frontman has replaced him. Not only does he lose his band, but he goes to his girlfriend’s house to vent. Before he even finishes, his girlfriend also gives him the boot. This all happens before the metal show of all metal shows, Holy Saturday, a yearly show that brings all metal bands together.

Meanwhile, Father Kilborn (Andrew Jessop) is preaching the Lord’s word quite aggressively. Because of this seeming hostility, he is suspended from sacramental obligations and is referred to a psychologist. This leads Father Kilborn into a dark place, asking for help from the Lord and questioning why he is being punished. He then goes into a blind rage, killing a janitor. After realizing what he has done, Father Kilborn speeds away and gets involved in an accident. In this accident, a monster is created, one whose mission is to put death to metal.

Death To Metal knows what type of movie it wants to be. The tone is set within the first few minutes when we see a metalhead urinating on a bible; everything is fully exposed. It is odd and risky, but risk is what Connery is all about here. Do all of the risks pay off? No, but it has about a 50/50 chance. That is the kind of freedom independent productions have. They can take risks at their own expense, and that’s why we often love them.

“…a monster is created, one whose mission is to put death to metal.”

Going back to the 50/50 success rate of the risks: that’s exactly how I felt throughout the film. I was on the fence about if I liked it or not. What put me over was its ridiculous ending. Of course, I will not spoil it, but the conclusion is pretty funny with how everything turns out. The monster’s fate is especially amusing and the right amount of absurd. So I would say that I at least enjoyed the horror-comedy for what it was.

Death to Metal exploits heavy metal culture by both making fun of it and accepting it for what it is. The majority of the cast is comprised of what seems like actual metalheads, some who reminded me of people that I used to go to high school with. The use of real metalheads adds authenticity to the movie. At times, this is also a downside, as some of the supporting cast seem fairly new to acting. However, I will say that Alex Stein is a good lead to have for a story like this. He has the look and some acting experience to his name.

The film is not for everyone as it has lots of gore, profanity, and a sacrilegious plot. It is easily a movie that some religious followers may take offense to, but it’s likely that the religious crowd isn’t even bothering with something called Death to Metal. For everyone else, it’s a fun diversion.

Death to Metal (2021)

Directed and Written: Tim Connery

Starring: Alex Stein, Grace Melon, Charlie Lind, Jimmy Leighton, Andrew Jessop, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

Death to Metal Image

"…has lots of gore, profanity, and a sacrilegious plot."

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