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By Bobby LePire | December 19, 2019

Sadly, this issue is not reserved for that one moment. After encountering the vicious, humanoid entity with green-glowing eyes, Kyle climbs a tree to hide from it. Shortly after daybreak- the creature hunts at night- Ethan sees Kyle in the tree and does not gently ask him to come down now that the coast he is clear. No, he demands that Kyle get down here as quickly as possible.

Based on their conversations and actions toward each other, it is impossible to believe these people are best friends. Frustratingly, the failings of the screenplay extend well beyond the dialogue. The worst aspect is the characterizations. In no particular order, here’s a quick breakdown of all of them–Ethan is an aggressive dude-bro, frat boy and a moron; Josh is the fat one and a moron; Eric might be a virgin and a moron; Brandon and Kyle are entirely interchangeable (though a critical difference appears near the end of the movie; but that is a huge spoiler, so I will not elaborate) and both are morons.

“…the killer is attracted to any light source…Josh decides to play around with the flashlight”

Are you sensing a trend there? They are all idiots. After the first attacks, they figure out that the killer is attracted to any light source. For reasons that only make sense if you are a dimwit, Josh decides to play around with the flashlight to “make sure it is working.” This is very shortly after being attacked; thus, it is reasonable to assume that the creature might be near. It also drains the battery for no discernable reason other than sheer incompetence.

This level of stupidity applies to everyone in the film. However, to recount each time would just be describing the entire movie, so let’s look at one more example. Instead of leaving when there is a chance to do so, more or less, safely, Ethan coaxes Josh and Brandon to go to a cave he believes is the creature’s home. Why? To capture it, despite it proving to be much more cunning, stronger, and quicker than any of the humans.

Yes, this ineptitude extends to the plot, as well. As previously alluded to, this bet that they all agreed to is not well explained. Ethan walks into the bar where everyone else is and asks, “Do we have a bet or what?” That is the entirety of what the bet consists of and its rules, with one exception. For the sole reason that “money is on the line,” everyone must give up their cellphones. Why or how does this bet exclude the use of cell phones?

Crypsis (2019)

Directed and Written: Paul Anthony Rogers

Starring: Michael Armata, Paul Anthony Rogers, Anthony Hoang, Jordan Mitchell-Love, Eddie Nason, etc.

Movie score: 0.5/10

Crypsis Image

"…it is impossible to believe these people are best friends."

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