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By Bobby LePire | December 19, 2019

I have sung the praises of The Asylum Studios multiple times on this site. I gave a 9 out of 10 to the Sci-Fi Channel movie on steroids homage Crossbreed. Ridiculous sounding genre fare that has fun with itself is my cup o’ tea is what I am getting at here. However, as with any media, there is a downside to be found. In this case, the b-movie downside is titled Crypsis.

For reasons that remain murky at best, friends Ethan (Eddie Nason), Brandon (Michael Armata), Josh (Anthony Hoang), Eric (Jordan Mitchell-Love), and Kyle (Paul Anthony Rogers) make a bet to see whose team can survive a night on Harper Island. This is a big deal, as Harper Island has long been rumored to be home to a bloodthirsty creature.

Shortly after the group lands on the wooded island, things seem to go wrong right away. They are unable to pitch tents and hear strange yelps and howlings in the distance. When those noises get closer, everyone realizes that the rumors are true. Now the friends are in a life or death fight without a way off of Harper Island.

“…make a bet to see whose team can survive a night on Harper Island…rumored to be home to a bloodthirsty creature.”

Strangely enough, Crypsis starts with two opening title sequences. The first one is white text on a black background, listing all the usual suspects like the producers, art designer, writer, and director, culminating in the title written in red, on that same black background. The second is an overly edited, confusing mess that poorly attempts to establish the history of Harper Island and the deadly being living there. No credits are being shown here, but the headache-inducing overlays of sketches and handwritten journal notes about the creature lead to a red-colored title text showing up onscreen.

While redundant, the two openings are my favorite part of this film, as no one has started speaking yet. Paul Anthony Rogers’s script is a series of inane events punctuated by worse dialogue. Each one of the five lead characters constantly talks at everyone else, never to them. As they disembark the boat that took them to the island, Josh is having second doubts about this whole affair. Brandon senses the hesitation in his friend and asks what’s wrong? Instead of letting Josh answer, he badgers his friend and then tells the ferryman to go ahead and leave.

Crypsis (2019)

Directed and Written: Paul Anthony Rogers

Starring: Michael Armata, Paul Anthony Rogers, Anthony Hoang, Jordan Mitchell-Love, Eddie Nason, etc.

Movie score: 0.5/10

Crypsis Image

"…it is impossible to believe these people are best friends."

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