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Corona Zombies

By Alan Ng | April 10, 2020

In response to the outbreak, the President’s Corona Squad is assembled to save the world from the zombie menace. The squad is dispatched to a toilet paper barge that was recently taken over by a band of hijackers. The squad’s mission is first to take down the hijackers with the help of a news reporter and cameraman (who’s shooting on film for some reason) and then uncover the origins of the Corona Virus. As the Corona Squad fights off the hoard of Corona Zombies around the world, Barbie still needs to find a roll of toilet paper.

My frustration with Corona Zombies is how I didn’t think of doing this first! The idea behind it is so simple and brilliant. I mean, combine two movies and redub the dialogue. I immediately thought of Woody Allen’s What’s Up, Tiger Lily? Charles Band cleverly re-edits Hell of the Living to tell the central narrative and uses Zombies vs. Stripper as local news coverage. The edits aren’t perfect, but hell …it’s perfect enough.

“Not only would I liken the quality of humor to What’s Up, Tiger Lily?, but also to a good episode of MST3K.”

To my delight, Corona Zombies is a hilarious satire of this whole pandemic. The opening moments, with Barbie in her apartment, is littered with practical advice on social distancing and personal protection. She’s even taking a shower singing “Happy Birthday.” I’m also impressed with how timely the film is about its virus information and even includes a Tiger King reference.

The best part of the movie, though, is the overdubbing. I can’t tell you enough how funny and hilarious it is. I’ve seen my share of lousy examples on YouTube, where the writing is generally lazy and performed by bad improvisers. You can tell a great deal of time was spent writing the jokes in Corona Zombies. Kudos! Not only would I liken the quality of humor to What’s Up, Tiger Lily?, but also to a good episode of MST3K. I should mention the actual dubbing is horrible, but horrible like a typical Japanese Godzilla overdub. My favorite laugh-out moment was the scene on an inflatable pontoon boat. It is the most MST3K moment in the film.

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Corona Zombies (2020)

Directed and Written: Charles Band

Starring: Cody Renee Cameron, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

Corona Zombies Image

"…I’m also impressed with how timely the film is about its virus information..."

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  1. Kai says:

    I enjoy watching it. Thank you.

  2. Michael Schmidt says:

    Nice – Needed a Good Laugh – Thank you

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