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By Chris Salce | January 6, 2019

A woman sensually describes her first time, but it’s not what you think.

The almost six-minute short film, sees Cherry describe her first time…killing a man. During half of the film, Cherry’s blood-red lipstick is a focal point as the camera fixates on her mouth. Cherry begins to describe what sounds like her first sexual encounter, but you soon realize that there is more to it.

As the camera begins to zoom out, now focusing on Cherry from below the eyes down to her chin, the description of her experience begins to sound sketchy. Each second the camera zooms out, and we finally get a full-faced Cherry, her fantasy gets morbid. She talks about how she imagined her first kill to be and how her first kill actually was. Once the film starts getting towards the end, Cherry’s victim is revealed as he is prepped and ready to be brutally murdered.

“…sees Cherry describe her first time…killing a man.”

Jaleelah Galbraith, who not only plays Cherry but also wrote the film, does an excellent job at making the story sound sensual yet, sadistic. That says a lot about Galbraith as an actor and writer. The fact that there is a story that can be told within six minutes is a big accomplishment. Some credit for that also has to go to director Paul Holbrook.

The lighting and visual effects are in heavy use throughout the film. They both work well in giving this short film, which is focused on the main characters mouth half of the time, some much-needed style.

Although I had a feeling that the film would take a turn within the first minute or two, Cherry has an interesting concept. There’s not much more you can do within a six-minute time frame. Kudos to all of the crew that was able to pull it off.

Cherry (2018) Directed by Paul Holbrook. Written by Jaleelah Galbraith. Starring Jaleelah Galbraith, Luke Bailey.

7 out of 10

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