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Catch the Bus

By Alan Ng | October 14, 2022

“It’s never too late” is the theme behind Chloe Owens’ short film, Catch the Bus. The drama follows James (Peyce Byron), an older gentleman presented with an opportunity of a lifetime. He’s been given a chance to audition as a sports anchor for a local news station. Unfortunately, as he sits behind the desk, he’s already lost the job in the eyes of producer Marlene (Krista Unverferth). After a straightforward and lackluster read of the new stories, Marlene thanks him and starts packing it in for the day.

James pleads with Marlene for one more chance. He was told he would get two takes — one normal and one with a bit of his personality. She says no, but James explains that he had to catch two buses to get to the station and needs just one final take. The exhausted Marlene relents.

“…an older gentleman presented with an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Catch The Bus is a story about the struggle of ageism and the lost opportunities we miss when we write someone off based solely on external appearances. To that end, Owens’ short is as much about lead actor Peyce Byron as it is James. Not to spoil the plot, but his performance in the second half is touching, heartwarming, and full of life.

Catch The Bus is a reminder that being a senior citizen doesn’t mean it’s time to wind down life, but finding creative ways to put one’s life experience and wisdom to good use. On the flip side, don’t pass up on the opportunity to learn something valuable from those who came before you.

Catch The Bus (2022)

Directed and Written: Chloe Owens

Starring: Peyce Byron, Krista Unverferth, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Catch The Bus Image

"…finding creative ways to put one's life experience and wisdom to good use."

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