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Cashing Out

By Bobby LePire | February 10, 2020

Happily, the core cast proves themselves most capable and engaging. Tyler Mills makes Allen’s occasional petulance and attitude grounded and relatable. Once he starts trying to sort his life out properly, Mills makes the change of attitude believable, and he is never less than empathetic at all times. When he tells Jaqs of a new poker game that might be up for the taking, his resignation that this is the only reason they hang out is signaled throughout the entire scene.

As Jaqs, Michaela Lichvanova has a tricky role. She needs to be tough enough to buy as the ringleader of the thieves but soft enough that the audience believes she’d bring Rich soup for dinner just because she wants to help him out. She absolutely nails it and is convincing at every turn. Tremont Turner is charming and fun as Robby. He is the most laid back, and the actor makes the most of the levity his character brings whenever possible.

“…the core cast proves themselves most capable and engaging.”

From a directing standpoint, Srednoselac does not get too visually inventive. Simple mid or tight setups, so the actors are always the focal point. Of course, this leaves the actors with as much room as possible to fully explore their characters and find emotionally honest depths. It pays off, as the viewer is not even aware of invested they’ve become until the proverbial crap hits the fan. This holds especially true as Allen, Jaqs, and Robby finally plan to rob another game. Thes anticipation of waiting to see how it all unfolds is exhilarating.

Cashing Out does not focus on poker as much as one might think after hearing about the premise. This might turn a few card sharks off but stay with the movie. A few poorly acted side characters aside, the core cast is exemplary and play off each other well. Srednoselac and Hansell’s screenplay honestly mines deep emotions and proves well-worth your time.

Cashing Out (2020)

Directed: Alex Srednoselac

Written: Alex Srednoselac, Melissa Hansell

Starring: Tyler Mills, Michaela Lichvnova, Tremont Turner, James Timothy Peters, Whitney Wickham, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Cashing Out Image

"…the score sells the gravity of what is being said perfectly."

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  1. […] ‘Cashing Out’ is not so much a poker movie than a simple story that everybody can relate to. This may not make it that attractive to card aficionados, but it is a story that is well worth sticking to. Some badly-acted side characters aside, the cast does its job well and Srednoselac’s vision comes through on the screen. A note for Melissa Hansen too; she co-wrote the screenplay alongside Srednoselac, and deserves credit for the way in which it pulls the audience in. All in all, ‘Cashing Out’ is a well-made film showcasing a story that is relatable and emotional. […]

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