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Candy & Ronnie

By Dante James | June 28, 2018

Coming from a background of film school projects, independent movies, and big (well medium) budget TV shows, I have a soft spot for short films. And as usually the case with short films, there isn’t a lot in the way of available money for things such as set designs, special effects, and obviously, big-name talent. But what most filmmakers lack in resources, they try to make up for in creativity.

Which brings me to Candy & Ronnie, directed by the enigmatic music composer known only as, Skyko. A film about a young couple, who on the outside are in love and are enjoying playing house together, but are hiding some deep demons in the way of drug abuse.

One night, after a round of sex-play, they decide to order a pizza. Once the delivery guy arrives at there house, Candy meets him at the door wearing nothing but a barely-there sweater, soon followed by a shirtless Ronnie.

(I know this sounds like the premise of a porno we’ve all seen, but stay with me.)

“…in love and are enjoying playing house together, but are hiding some deep demons in the way of drug abuse.”

And “naturally” the pizza-man who also happens to be a dope fiend, entices Candy and Ronnie to “party.” And after a montage of cocaine snorting, drinkings, eating, dancing, then more cocaine (there’s even a song about cocaine blaring during the montage… cause, subtlety), the three of them retreat to the back-house where, wouldn’t you know it, there is a stripper pole in the middle of the living room.

(Again, I have to stress, this is NOT a porno!)

So what obviously comes next is, Candy and the pizza man start to fool around right in front of a very high Ronnie. Cut to the next morning, Candy and Ronnie are fighting like cats and dogs. Not because Candy basically gave the pizza man oral sex right in front of Ronnie mind you, but because they are out of cocaine, and can’t figure out how to get more. And everything is a downward spiral from there.

This is a short film. So there is an amount of grace I’m willing to give it. Call it my soft-spot for indie directors who have no money, but are trying to get their work out there. I get it. I’ve been there myself. With that said, this was not a good short.

“…does pretty well is keeping you invested in the outcome of the story.”

The acting was straight-up awful. Like, “Donald Trump trying to rap” awful! I’m sure the leads: Tyler Tackett and Mair Mulroney, tried their best with the material given them, but when doing a character piece about a pretty serious subject matter (or what I assumed was serious subject matter based on the ending of the movie), as a director, you want to be a little more “picky” in your casting choices… even for a short film.

Having said that, I will say that the one thing this short does pretty well is keeping you (somewhat) invested in the outcome of the story. There was never a point where I wanted to stop watching the film. But, I have to admit it was due in part to Mair Mulroney’s seductive presence. For the little she has to work with, it’s hard to take your eyes off of her… So that’s something.

Would I recommend Candy & Ronnie?

Well, if you have 15 minutes to kill, the time investment isn’t too bad. The visuals are interesting enough, and maybe the acting is bad enough that it actually makes the movie kind of funny (I.E. The Room). Obviously, I’m not recommending this movie, but, every now and then I think a movie comes along that is more a matter of taste over quality. This just wasn’t my taste folks!

Candy & Ronnie (2017) Directed and written by Skyko. Starring Tyler Tackett, Mair Mulroney, and Paul Stanczak. 

4 OUT OF 10

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