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By Alan Ng | May 10, 2023

Alexander Deeds’ horror short, Butterscotch, boasts a simple premise but still packs quite a punch. Our story takes place in the TV room of a retirement home. Chad Sommer plays an old man sitting in front of the television with a piece of butterscotch placed before him. But, as if frozen in time by his condition, the old man is unable to enjoy the candy.

“Seeing the old man unable to move, he steals his piece of butterscotch.”

Entering the room is a young child (Reid Mcconville) looking to cause trouble. Seeing the old man unable to move, he steals his piece of butterscotch. Sitting in the chair across the room, the bully looks up to see the old man’s face staring daggers right at him. To say more would be a spoiler, but let’s just say the old man finds a way to scare the hell out of the kid with the help of some movie magic.

The film’s frights come from the short’s CG effects featuring something seen that cannot be unseen. It’s creepy as hell. Deeds makes masterful use of tension and release. I’ve said too much. Check out Butterscotch. Hell, put it in your film festival.

For more information about Butterscotch, visit Alexander Deeds’ official website.

Butterscotch (2023)

Directed and Written: Alexander Deeds

Starring: Reid Mcconville, Chad Sommer, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Butterscotch Image

"…CG effects featuring something seen that cannot be unseen..."

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