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By Bradley Gibson | December 14, 2018

Bunkheads is the story of three guys and a girl caught in the zombie assault we’re all dreading. Just when the shambling undead are closing in and all seems lost, an underground bunker pops open and the helpful Mr. K invites them in. Sadly, Mr. K doesn’t make it, but Kip, Dani, Cash, and Matt find safety in the shelter.

One year later, they’ve been stuck inside living on canned salmon and bored to death. All of Mr. K’s stockpiled TV shows, board games, books, and music are in Korean. They must decide whether to leave the bunker and risk becoming zombie lunch or to die more slowly of being stuck with each other, and K-pop.

“…stuck inside living on canned salmon and bored to death…

This show is a treat from the Gilligan’s Island style opening sequence that explains “how we got here” to episodes dealing with politics, social commentary, and end-of-civilization repopulation planning. Witty dialogue propels the story. Juvenile humor adds the kicks.

Initially watching the show there’s a concern whether the writers will handle the gender imbalance sexual politics with sensitivity, but very quickly they establish that they can make those jokes without giving offense.

The format doesn’t require a big time commitment, even to binge. Episodes run about 13 minutes and season one is only six episodes. When your crappy day job is getting you down, hit the break room with your phone and catch an episode of Bunkheads.

Smart, funny, and relevant: this program is going places. From their IndieGogo funding site: “…the hardest part of the zombie apocalypse isn’t surviving; it’s putting up with each other.”

Bunkheads (2018) Directed by Lauren Klixbull. Written by Will Gong. Starring Khalif Boyd,Chris O’Brien, Carly Turro, Josh Covitt, Alexandra Johnston.

8 out of 10

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  1. Jodi S. says:

    I just finished season one, and was searching to see if they’re making a season two when I came across this page. Your review was great, perfectly explaining the feel of it all. I’m excited to see the characters grow and story expanded in the future.

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