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By Alan Ng | November 3, 2023

Short films are a fantastic way to pay homage to the films and franchises we love from the past, and this is particularly true with Luke Rex’s short, Bonding.

Bonding opens with a solitary figure sitting at an empty bar, eagerly chatting with his girlfriend about the romantic weekend they’ll soon spend together in Mexico. The moment he hangs up the phone, he’s approached by a mysterious figure, Anastasia Mansfield (Jannica Olin), with a “job” for our protagonist, Dr. John Flemington, CIA clinical and forensic psychologist. Not wanting any part of what Mansfield has to offer, she appeals to Flemington’s past.. This is where I must stop for spoiler’s sake.

“…approached by a mysterious figure…with a ‘job’ for our protagonist…”

For many filmmakers, short films are great ways to tell a small fragment of a much bigger story. Here, filmmaker Rex captures the look and feel of the tuxedo-wearing spy but is seen through a modern lens. Once you figure out what is happening, the Easter eggs drop in this fun and nostalgic scene. Bonding becomes a quick lesson in creating mood and atmosphere for whatever genre you love the most.

For more information about Bonding, visit the 9 Lives Entertainment website.

Bonding (2023)

Directed and Written: Luke Rex

Starring: Luke Rex, Jannica Olin, Darren Lipari, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Bonding Image

"…great ways to tell a small fragment of a much bigger story."

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