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Blow Up My Life

By Bobby LePire | November 15, 2023

Blow Up My Life, written and directed by Abigail Horton and Ryan Dickie, follows Jason (Jason Selvig), a hotshot coder at a big tech company. After a bender ends with a TikTok video of him snorting cocaine, he is summarily fired. Gary (Davram Stiefler), who is higher up in the company, knows how talented Jason is but can’t change what happened.

Now, Jason runs a computer repair business and only has social contact with his friend, Charlie (Kara Young). But after a serendipitous house call to his former boss’ place, Jason uncovers corruption involving the app he was working on before being fired. Jason takes this newfound evidence to his reporter ex-girlfriend, Priya (Reema Sampat). This act of wanting to do the right thing puts Jason, Priya, Charlie, and Gary in grave danger.

“…Jason uncovers corruption involving the app he was working on before being fired.”

Blow Up My Life capably balances the situation’s inherent thrills with its lead’s goofy antics. He narrates what’s happening in a 1940s gumshoe style, much to Charlie’s amusement. There are some laughs to be had as Jason struggles to find the correct phrase to describe the trouble he’s in. Dickie’s cinematography maintains an ominous feel, as does the lighting. This allows the dual genres to live side by side in harmony. Plus, the ending absolutely reinforces that this is a thriller with a capital T.

Selvig is excellent as Jason. He’s charming and funny and sells the danger each twist and turn brings. Young is fantastic as the elusive but well-meaning best friend. Stiefler is believable as the man who may or may not know more than he lets on. Ben Horner plays the C.E.O. and is appropriately vile.

With Blow Up My Life Horton and Dickie mash comedy and thriller together for solid results. The cast all understand their roles and play into each genre believably. The ending is intense and furthers the danger these characters are in.

For more information, visit the official Blow Up My Life site.

Blow Up My Life (2023)

Directed and Written: Abigail Horton, Ryan Dickie

Starring: Jason Selvig, Kara Young, Reema Sampat, Davram Stiefler, Ben Horner, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Blow Up My Life Image

"…Horton and Dickie mash comedy and thriller together..."

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