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By Alan Ng | October 18, 2020

There are three types of people who step off the bus and onto the streets of Hollywood in hopes of finding fame and fortune. They are financially self-sufficient, know or are related to someone already in the industry, and everyone else. I would guess that about 99% of these hopefuls fall into that third category. David Meyers plays one such dreamer in Bloomywood.

Michael Bloomstein just arrived on Hollywood and Vine and needs to hit the ground running to sell his script. Why is there such a rush? Well, he needs to pay for a comfortable night in a hotel. The story he’s selling is about his life, called My Life, and his journey begins in front of TCL Chinese Theater at the red carpet screening of Will Smith’s Gemini Man. Will Smith would make the perfect Michael, now if only Michael could get him the script.

“…needs to hit the ground running to sell his script…to pay for a comfortable night in a hotel.”

Bloomywood is a 7-episode web series running two to three minutes each and features Bloomstein taking every step necessary to get that script sold. The series is shot in an improvised, mockumentary-style like The Ali G Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Comedian Meyers hustles random pedestrians on the street with no script, no fear, and desperate confidence. Most ignore him, while others dare to engage.

For me, episode five is the best one as Michael meets with a career coach (Colleen Doyle) he found on Craig’s List. Michael wants help getting meetings and pitching scripts, and the coach wants to get paid for her services.

For what it is, a series of comedic sketches, Bloomywood is a funny and fun watch. The filmmakers were smart, keeping each episode palatable—short and sweet, never overstaying it’s welcome. The jokes fly quickly, the character talks fast, and Meyer’s bold, ballsy, man-on-the-street style is engaging.

Bloomywood (2020)

Directed: Rory Leland

Written: David Meyers, Taylor Gregory

Starring: David Meyers, Krishna Smitha, Colleen Doyle, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Bloomywood Image

"…jokes fly quickly, he talks fast, and Meyer’s bold, ballsy, man-on-the-street style is engaging."

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