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Bezos: The Beginning

By Alan Ng | January 16, 2023

Bezos: The Beginning also takes us back to the early ascent of the 90s tech boom. DotCom startups were all the rage, and people were getting rich on nothing but a website and advancements in web development. The potential to become filthy rich was there for anyone with the willpower and dedication to achieve it, even at the expense of financial security and alienating friends and family.

Who is Jeff Bezos? Driven is an understatement. Bezos rarely slept because there was always work to do. He demanded this same passion from his staff, paid them “s**t,” and, quite frankly, would eventually evolve into a ruthless negotiator. Ultimately, Bezos’ success would change him from a penniless entrepreneur to a cold corporate CEO.

Gutierrez does a fine job…”

Storywise, Bezos: The Beginning is a straightforward narrative lifted from Zero to Hero, pulling out the most hopeful and dramatic moments. But what biopics really need to do is dig down deep into the psyche of its subject, almost as if audiences had access to undisclosed psychotherapy sessions with that person. Ultimately, I think we just breach the surface into Bezos here.

Gutierrez does a fine job carrying most of the story on his back. He had an arduous task in front of him, reciting vast amounts of dialogue and playing Bezos as sort of a low-energy nerd. It was a challenge for the actor that needed more refinement in the end. Kevin Sorbo puts his veteran talent to good use, and it was great to see him play the villain for once.

Bezos: The Beginning is a fascinating look into the life, personality, and rise of the powerful Jeff Bezos. The filmmakers’ admiration for Bezos comes across as this felt like a more authentic account of the man’s personality. Much more than what the big studios would demand in a big-budget epic. Though the film puts Bezos on a pedestal, it does show that he has significant cracks.

Bezos: The Beginning (2023)

Directed: Khoa Le

Written: Allison Burnett, R.V. Romero

Starring: Armando Gutierrez, Emilio Estefan, Kevin Sorbo, Eliana Ghen, Marcus Lemonis, Alex R. Mitchell, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Bezos: The Beginning Image

"…a fascinating look into the life, personality, and rise of the powerful Jeff Bezos."

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