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Art Of The Dead

By Bobby LePire | November 9, 2019

Don’t let the title Art Of The Dead mislead you. The movie is not about an art collective that has to fight off zombies. Nor is it about an artist who turns into one of the walking dead. Art Of The Dead is about the Wilson family, who recently purchased a set of seven paintings at a ritzy charity auction. The pictures were created by Dorian Wilde (Danny Tesla) and are his interpretation of the seven deadly sins as jungle animals. Snails are sloth; a menacing lion is wrath; frogs in a pond are greed, and so on.

Louis Wilson (Zachary Chyz) returns home from college during the break, with his girlfriend Kim (Alex Rinehart). His younger sister Donna (Cynthia Aileen Strahan), is very excited to see him, though his two youngest siblings, Suzie (Shelia Krause) and Jack (Jonah Gilkerson), are too glued to their tablets to pay much notice. However, his parents Dylan (Lukas Hassel) and Gina (Jessica Morris) love that Kim is there and get along with her quite well.

“…a race against time to destroy the canvases before the Wilsons become a permanent part of each one.”

The next day, the seven paintings are delivered, and odd things begin to happen. Louis becomes much more oppressive than usual. Dylan becomes obsessed with making more and more money. Gina’s lust cannot be quenched. Suzie and Jack get covered in slug slime. The usually shy and reserved Donna tarts it up and heads to a party.

Kim knows there is something wrong and turns to Father Gregory (Robert Donovan), who has encountered these paintings before. Together they uncover the horrifying truth and power of the artwork. Now it is a race against time to destroy the canvases before the Wilsons become a permanent part of each one.

Art Of The Dead (2019)

Directed and Written: Rolfe Kanefsky

Starring: Jessica Morris, Lukas Hassel, Alex Rinehart, Zachary Chyz, Robert Donovan, Cynthia Aileen Strahan, Tara Reid, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Art Of The Dead Image

"…Snails are sloth; a menacing lion is wrath; frogs in a pond are greed, and so on."

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  1. Movie member says:

    This tara reid’s second Rolfe Kanefsky film from Bus party to Hell some stars you who are new name Shelby Mccullough first movie in bus party to hell with Ben Stobber and Aaron Groben.

  2. Movie member says:

    Art of the Dead movie was from a director of Bus Party to Hell Tara Reid’s first director film name Rolfe Kanefsky some stars you know from bus party to hell name Ben Stobber,Aaron Groben,John Molinaro, Shawnn Morris Saughter, Brenna Daly,Nicholas George, Erin Jill, Matt Christy,Avo Jabourian, Leonard Steinman, Nicolas Jackman, Mark Pereira, & stars you don’t know about who are new name J.Spencer and the new actress was introduced in her first movie in Bus Party to Hell Shelby McCullough.

  3. Robert Donavan says:


    Thank you for your review of, ART OF THE DEAD. I am glad you had fun watching the movie, and letting the public know it is worth the time to see it. I appreciate you singling out my fellow cast members, as they each deserved praise for the excellent jobs they did with each of their characters. And thank you for your kind words regarding my performance. I’m sure more people will watch, ART OF THE DEAD, after reading your review. Everyone involved in this film are grateful for your opinions.

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