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By Alan Ng | February 4, 2022

In #Anniversay, writer/director/star Ellis E. Fowler plays Eric, a groom preparing for his wedding day. Best man Mike (John F. Thomas) checks in to ensure Eric is not having second thoughts before the festivities begin. With great confidence, Eric is ready to marry his bride, Shay.

But, there’s still one piece of business Eric must conduct. After Mike leaves, Eric opens the P.L. Messenger app on his phone and calls Sarah (Ester Jiron). Sarah is excited about his call as it is the second anniversary since they first met on the app. Yes, Eric has been having an emotional affair with Sarah, and today is the day he ends it.

“…Eric has been having an emotional affair with Sarah, and today is the day he ends it.”

At the end of #Anniversary, there’s a pretty fantastic twist that I am definitely not going to spoil. Though it plays out a little like a soap opera, Fowler’s short film gets right into the conflict. It hones in on Eric, ending his emotional affair with Sarah and her realizing that Eric has been living a completely different life without her knowledge.

I’ll just say the ending has a science-fiction bent to it, and I’d like to see what Fowler can do with the genre going forward. #Anniversary puts a fresh spin on a familiar story of infidelity and is definitely worth a watch.

#Anniversary (2022)

Directed and Written: Ellis E Fowler

Starring: Ester Jiron, Ellis E Fowler, John F. Thomas, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

#Anniversary Image

"…a fresh spin on a familiar story..."

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