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An Offer Refused

By Alan Ng | November 14, 2022

Beware the voodoo priest presenting an offer you can’t refuse in Lilton Stewart III’s horror short, An Offer Refused.

On this mysterious day, Camilla (Victoria Dun) and her friends, Tiffany (Alisa A. Davis) and Derrick (Dave Champ Moore), are going out to celebrate Camilla’s law school graduation. As she leaves her home, she is greeted by a Voodoo Priest (Mphatso Mgangira) who asks for “a moment of time for peace of mind.” Fearful of the offer, Camilla asks for time to make a decision. Unfortunately for her friends, their refusal of the offer doesn’t quite work out for them.

“…voodoo priest presenting an offer you can’t refuse…”

Short films are great in that they allow creators and filmmakers to play around with a given genre, specifically structure and the directly associated elements. In An Offer Refused, writer/director Lilton Stewart gets to play in the horror playground with all its fantastic make-up and voodoo props. The short effectively builds the proper tension and suspense while making good use of supernatural and spiritual effects for a low-budget DIY short film. For the most part, Stewart tells a good engaging story. While the payoff is a bit weak storywise, the filmmaker relies on a grand-scale visual effect at the end that is pretty cool.

For screening information, visit the An Offer Refused Facebook page.

An Offer Refused (2022)

Directed and Written: Lilton Stewart III

Starring: Victoria Dunn, Mphatso Mgangira, Dave Champ Moore, Alisa A. Davis, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

An Offer Refused Image

"…gets to play in the horror playground with all its fantastic make-up and voodoo props."

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