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These initial missteps are merely bumps in the road, comparatively speaking, as the band faced delayed flights, a volcano in Hawaii, Hurricane in Florida, and a power outage in the South. Then there’s the part when the group ran out of money!

Director Nickoley wisely interspersed the human story throughout the trip. This is My Home is also an immigrant’s story of two Irishmen and their love of the United States. Throughout the trip, one of the Dave’s is stressed out, waiting for whether his permanent residency status would be approved. This would be the next vital step to become a U.S. Citizen. When The Black Donnellys arrive at their gigs in Boston, the story and history of their Irish heritage in America become a profound reminder of why they’re here and doing what they’re doing.

“…moves at a good pace, bringing in personal stories at the right time…”

An Irish Story: This Is My Home is an excellent documentary, that leans on the side of “a good watch” versus “must see” viewing. Strip away the sentimentality and you have just another band tour documentary. Though it’s cliched to say that “things went wrong,” the obstacles caused by natural disasters are pretty compelling. The other hazards are par for the course for traveling bands.

What elevates the documentary from being like the others is the Irish Folk music from The Black Donnellys. They’re good, and their music serves as the soundtrack to the film with decent amounts of concert footage. You could say there wasn’t enough. The other is editing. The film moves at a good pace, bringing in personal stories at the right time to break up the monotony of riding in an RV across the country.

Let’s say you’re locked up in your house because a dangerous pandemic has spread across the nation. An Irish Story: This Is My Home is a light, fun, musical escape, and a reminder of how great and beautiful our country is, even though as can’t go outside or travel.

An Irish Story: This Is My Home (2020)

Directed and Written: Karl Nickoley

Starring: The Black Donnellys, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

An Irish Story: This Is My Home Image

"…throughout the trip, one of the Dave's is stressed out..."

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