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Amy’s F It List

By Alan Ng | February 14, 2023

Director Mark S. Allen’s feature film, Amy’s F**k It List, asks a very big question, “What would you do if you had only days to live?”

Alyson Gorske plays Amy, a young woman living a typical dull life working at a Dollar Store, putting up with the s**t spewing from her boss’ mouth. Amy is unassuming, rarely willing to step into conflict, and prefers to remain unseen in every aspect of life. Her sister, Mary (Angel Prater), who is pregnant, is trying to fulfill their father’s dream of opening a recording studio. Unfortunately, Mary is unable to secure a business loan.

One day, Amy is called into her doctor’s office and told she has an inoperable brain tumor. She is given maybe two days to live. The news comes as quite a shock to Amy, and she wonders what she should do with her time. Mary suggests that with neither the time nor money to create a “bucket” list, Amy should instead create a “f**k it” list. On Amy’s list are things she’s always wanted to do or say but was too afraid of the consequences, like standing up to her boss by quitting, confronting that rude customer at her favorite coffee joint, or taking on a rude driver at a stop sign.

“…given maybe two days to liveAmy’s list are things she’s always wanted to do or say…”

Though Amy’s F**k It List is billed as a comedy, it’s much more of a light drama, which is not a bad thing. What would you do with death only days away? In Amy’s case, she takes the viewpoint of doing whatever she wants, knowing that she’ll never have to endure the consequences of her actions. Some people would go to a very dark place with this attitude, such as committing some terrible crimes. Amy instead uses her situation to get stuff off her chest and creatively find ways to help others. Before she goes, Amy has to amend her estrangement from Mary. She also rights a wrong committed against her father. There’s also a surprise item at the end.

The film’s fun is in checking insane items off the f**k it list, but there is heart to the story, and yes, it’s about family. Alyson Gorske gives a wonderful performance. You’ll notice Amy’s transformation from a meek and timid person living life day-to-day to a confident sharp-looking superhero right away. The actor plays knowing that Amy’s invincible and impervious to anything life throws her way brashly. Then in the second act, Gorske shows her vulnerable side and becomes quite reflective.

There is a good spirit behind Amy’s F**k It List. Writers Mark S. Allen and Howard Burd lean on more of the light comedic tone for Amy’s exploit, whereas I would have loved for it to be darker, dirtier, and grittier as Amy is pushed to her physical and emotional extremes, but that would be an entirely different genre of movie. But, managing expectations, and as great as the title is, the tone fits more of an edgy Lifetime or Hallmark movie than a dark, depressing tale of death and revenge.

So, I’ll ask one more time: what would you do if you had only two days to live? Asking simple existential questions like this is one of the main reasons I love indie films. Amy’s F**k It List asks that question in such a way that I’m thinking about what I would do alongside Amy.

For screening information, visit Amy’s F**k It List official website.

Amy's F**k It List (2023)

Directed: Mark S. Allen

Written: Mark S. Allen, Howard Burd

Starring: Alyson Gorske, Angel Prater, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Amy's F**k It List Image

"…there is heart to the story..."

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