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Alone Wolf

By Brian Shaer | July 27, 2020

Enter, the idiot plot. Eventually, the cops show up and, rather than just turning the surveillance tape over to the police and relieving himself of the entire situation, Jonathan decides to play it cagey. He tells the cops that he knows nothing. This is curious since it’s already been established that Jonathan is deathly afraid to go outside and repeatedly insists that he is not involved in the incident. Now, however, Jonathan has put himself in a situation where he will be hauled to the police station and interrogated.

But then, of course, if Jonathan behaved like a rational human being, we wouldn’t have a sentimental movie in which he harbors the female thief-with-a-heart-of-gold, Town Monroe (Cara Gee), and ingratiates himself in her battle to regain custody of her young daughter.

“…De Klerk, Gee, and each member of the supporting cast turn in a terrific performance.”

It seems to me that writer-director Charles Ehrlinger took a wrong narrative turn in Alone Wolf. A more believable story would have been, perhaps, if Jonathan did what any sane person would have done and turn the surveillance tape over to the police. Then, unable to shake Town’s image from his mind, he decided to face his fears and brave the outside world in a pursuit to uncover the story behind this mysterious woman.

The acting in Alone Wolf is far better than the material; all of the actors deserve better opportunities to showcase their various talents. De Klerk, Gee, and each member of the supporting cast turn in terrific performances and, occasionally, there is some real poignancy between Jonathan and Town. As Benny, Oliver accomplishes the surprising feat of giving an actual performance with what is, essentially, a villain straight out of Central Casting.

But because Ehrlinger opts to tell a rudimentary drama instead of a far more interesting psychological thriller, what is delivered amounts to the agoraphobic equivalent of the road movie. And to make matters worse, Alone Wolf totally squanders a golden opportunity for a badass 11th-hour zinger when the villain finally gets it!

Alone Wolf (2020)

Directed and Written: Charles Ehrlinger

Starring: Richard de Klerk, Cara Gee, Paul Schackman, James Aaron Oliver, Lisa Roumain, Trent Walker, Steve Lewis, Chase Yi, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Alone Wolf Image

"…the agoraphobic equivalent of the road movie"

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