By Mark Bell | May 19, 2008

The tale is simple: 19-year old Callie (Ashley A. Schultz) brings her boyfriend, 35-year old Sean (Lathan Crowe), home to meet her mom, Linda (Monique Parent). Thing is, Linda is what you could call a MILF, is only slightly older than Sean, has seemingly taken to the whole “oh, we’re more sisters than mother-daughter” rhetoric and may be interested in tasting the man-fruit her daughter has picked out. For Sean, this could be considered Heaven, and he seems more than comfortable in the remote possibility of tag-teaming the duo… until the charade of age rebellion runs its course, that is.

Where “Adult Behavior” succeeds is in its portrayal of Callie, who despite her young age, is much more the mature mother than Linda. And as such, the fragility of Linda’s psyche goes much further in advancing Callie’s maturity then it does in haulting, or reversing, her own.

“…the possible beginning of a letter to Penthouse.”

The film is well-shot, the premise doesn’t overstay its welcome as to go from thought-provoking to annoying, and these are both good qualities for a short film to have. Lathan Crowe’s acting leaves a bit to be desired, however, as the Sean character has more than a few moments where you’re neither interested in his life nor how he’s going to handle the current situation.

“Adult Behavior” plays as both a loving portrait of a daughter dealing with a mother who has gotten far older than she is willing to accept, and the possible beginning of a letter to Penthouse. Depending on your tastes, either route could be worth checking out.

“Adult Behavior” can be seen online at its official site.

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