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Addy Daddy

By Ryan Devir | June 24, 2024

DANCES WITH FILMS 2024 REVIEW! Many of us get caught up in the “what could have been” in life, especially in failed relationships. If only I did X, and if only she did Y, then it would’ve worked. Is there a world where we ended up happy together? In writer/director Patrick VanZandt’s psychological romantic drama Addy Daddy, these timeless themes are explored as we follow the relationship between Lucas (Jared Trevino) and Addy (Lexi Simonsen).

Trying to still find himself, college architecture student Lucas is invited to a party by his roommate Allan (Allan Weedman) where it becomes more apparent to him that he doesn’t quite fit in. Thankfully, he meets Addison, who is a quirky loner like him. They hit it off, and Addison’s walls begin to come down, letting Lucas into her life.

Lucas at first presents himself as someone who knows what he wants with regards to their relationship, but as their courtship continues, Addison begins to see Lucas has deep-rooted trauma from his childhood. Lucas has “daddy” issues. Addison, or “Addy,” is brought to meet his parents, Larry (Matt Kirkwood) and Sara (Lynn Haro), and while they put up a good front of politeness, they do not approve of Addy. She smokes weed, and her sense of humor involves jokingly putting Lucas down, but they don’t think she is a good influence on him.

“…timeless themes are explored as we follow the relationship between Lucas and Addy…”

Lucas’ father, who is abusive to his mother, Sara, makes it clear that Lucas is not to date Addy anymore. Being the helicopter parents they are, Sara and Larry stalk Lucas’ text messages with Addy. Lucas becomes overwhelmed with trying to appease his parents, balance work and school, and, of course, Addy. The Daddy and Addy issues grow too great, and Lucas pushes her away, resulting in their breakup. Or, as most initial breakups start off…taking time apart.

Being that this always creates confusion, Addison tries to get Lucas back and Lucas rejects her, but the minute she no longer shows interest in him, Lucas panics and tries to get her back. Unfortunately, on New Year’s Eve, Lucas tries to get to Addy at midnight and sees she is with another guy. Distraught and drunk, Lucas drives off heartbroken and crashes into an oncoming car, splitting the universe. Waking up with amnesia and another opportunity to make things right with Addison, Lucas will have to discover if they are meant to be together or if their fates are destined to be apart.

Addy Daddy (2024)

Directed and Written: Patrick VanZandt

Starring: Jared Trevino, Lexi Simonsen, Matt Kirkwood, Allan Weedman, Lynn Haro, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

Addy Daddy Image

"…...beautifully depicts the romance of getting to know someone"

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