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A Thousand Miles Behind

By Kyle Bain | June 23, 2020

It is not until the character of Tracy (Vanessa Cambell) makes an appearance that things begin to get interesting. Campbell is not perfect (though much of that is the writing and not her acting), but she is able to bring innocence, levity, and beauty to the story when she first arrives at around the 35-minute mark. Tracy is quirky and possesses the ability to make the audience smile when everything else is dreary and depressing. Campbell is even capable of bringing Doornbos to life; she gives him a personality and makes his character more enjoyable than when he was solo.

“The profound, driving emotions needed to propel the narrative are absent…”

The profound, driving emotions needed to propel the narrative are absent from A Thousand Miles Behind. The story itself is one that should draw on the audiences’ feelings, but the difficulties with the script and Doornbos’s lack of expression make it exhausting to even try and invest. Though, much of the faulty acting can be blamed on the screenplay, as the lines are often short, empty, and inexpressive. The brainchild of Whetherington is beautiful, but it falls short of any expectations, leaving audiences wishing for more substance. I love the sentiment behind the story, but I struggle to appreciate the final product.

A Thousand Miles Behind reaches very few in terms of emotion, and Whetherington’s first attempt at writing and directing leaves a sour taste in the mouths of his viewers. He has potential, but still has a long way to go, and, like Preston, he will have to move on from his past to justify his existence.

A Thousand Miles Behind (2019)

Directed and Written: Nathan Wetherington

Starring: Jeffrey Doornbos, Vanessa Campbell, Bre Blair, Payton Lilee Glasgow, Greg Evigan, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

A Thousand Miles Behind Image

"…has potential, but still has a long way to go..."

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