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A Stone in the Water

By Alan Ng | February 11, 2021

Everything happens for a reason. That is Martha’s mantra in Daniel M. Cohen’s A Stone in the Water. But in Martha’s case, are the tragic events in her life fate or a matter of karma? Thirty-five years ago, while Martha was running errands, her son Tommy fell in the nearby lake and suffered irreparable brain damage. Her husband, Jake, was supposed to watch him, but he was screwing Martha’s best friend, Grace. When confronted about the affair, it doesn’t turn out so well for Jake, and he goes “missing.”

Jump to the present as the story shifts to a young woman, Alex (Melissa Fumero), on the run with her boyfriend, Frank (David Fumero). We find that they are running from a scam gone bad, leaving them with a bag full of jewels and a dead body.

“…running from a scam gone bad, leaving them with a bag full of jewels and a dead body.”

On the way to a remote location in the woods, Frank gets into a severe car accident. A brutally injured Alex wakes up in a cabin, and we find an older Tommy rescued her from the crash. Frank’s body is nowhere to be found. We soon discover that Frank is an abusive boyfriend. Alex starts making plans with her best friend, Violet (Kimberly Leemans), to disappear since Frank’s body has not been found. The catch is they need to get the stolen jewels back after she leaves Tommy and Martha’s house.

A Stone in the Water is a fun thriller but has its problems. There’s a lot to love about this film. First, if you’re a fan of Melissa Fumero and Bonnie Bedelia, you will not be disappointed. You knew Fumero had a dramatic side, and it’s on full display here. Bedelia is the dramatic anchor of the entire movie and still badass in all the action scenes.

A Stone in the Water (2021)

Directed and Written: Daniel M. Cohen

Starring: Bonnie Bedelia, Melissa Fumero, David Fumero, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

A Stone in the Water Image

"…a lot of good stuff that pushes you to the edge of your seat."

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  1. Diana says:

    Can not figure out what’s in the jar in the basement at end of movie.

  2. Teti Lavelle says:

    Whats in the jar?

  3. Judith Harris says:

    What was in the jar at the end of the movie?

    • Janice McDaniel says:

      A man’s head …with facial hair…looked like Frank … but he was clean shaven at the end of the movie. ??

  4. Tracey VanSteenwyk says:

    What’s in the jar of water at the end of the movie

  5. Susan McConnell says:

    What was in the jar at the end of the movie?

    • Sheri says:

      Whose head is in that jar in the basement and why does the boy look in grin it? Also, how does that boy end up with the jewels in the pouch she hides out by his play area

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