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A Spark in Nothing

By Alan Ng | September 7, 2021

Everyone has a guardian angel, but what happens if your angel is not very good? 16-year-old Griffin Loch’s A Spark in Nothing answers that question in a mythical story about love and hope.

William (Eric Mickelson) is a guardian angel who has one job: watching over the development of young James (Benjamin Snow). Already off to a rough start, William missed poor James’ birth (in a car) as he drank his troubles away at an angelic strip club. It’s then one missed opportunity after the other as William finds himself passively standing in the background of his charge’s formative years.

“…William splits the young man’s destiny down two parallel paths hoping he will find success in at least one of them.”

It’s not that William doesn’t care. However, he is too tentative when it comes to interfering in James’ life directly. Feeling profoundly guilty that James has not yet grabbed the reigns in his life, William splits the young man’s destiny down two parallel paths hoping he will find success in at least one of them.

The first path is one of hope. James is a gifted violinist, and he has the opportunity to bless the world with his musical talents. The other is the path of love. While studying his other passion of butterflies, he runs into the love of his life, Lily (Brianna Ripkowski). The two hit it off famously and become instant best friends. The problem is Lily already has a boyfriend and won’t leave him. A Spark in Nothing now moves back-and-forth between the two timelines in a way that only Loki would be proud of.

God (Abby Stevens) is upset that William has not only neglected his duties with James, but then this whole two path thing is unacceptable. So God gives William one year to intersect the two paths and merge them into one “true timeline.” Otherwise, James’ life will simply disappear. Because he’s been so absent, William’s problem is that James has developed debilitating stage fright to pursue his passion for music. On the love front, his inability to express his true feelings has locked poor Ben in the “Friend Zone” with Lily.

A Spark In Nothing (2021)

Directed and Written: Griffin Loch

Starring: James Balaban, Eric Mickelson, Brianna Ripkowski, Abby Stevens, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

A Spark In Nothing Image

"…an ambitious undertaking for a young filmmaker..."

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  1. Karen Verkouteren says:

    Thanks for the review! The production cost was $30,000.

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