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A Slice of Life in Barcelona

By Alan Ng | August 12, 2020

I’ve never really spent a significant amount of time in a foreign land. After watching Maria Galindo’s A Slice of Life in Barcelona, I’ve learned that life in general here is not that much different than anywhere else. No matter where you live, drama in all shapes and sizes will follow.

A Slice of Life tells the tale of a small group of locals looking for love and living life day-to-day. Christina (Jessica Hernandez) and Molly (Madalina Pirvan) are a couple in love and probably the most typical pairing in the lot. Anna (Irina Fernandez) and Paula (Anneke Necro) are another romantic pair, who get their kicks out of aggressive PDA (public displays of affection) while pickpocketing unsuspecting tourists and strangers as income. Then there’s Paula’s brother, Ramsey (Tony Corvillo), who, for the lack of a better word, is a bully. He mentally and emotionally abuses his girlfriend, Faye, and also makes a living stealing from others. Then there’s Robert (Oscar Gomez), whom I’ll save for later.

“…Anna and Paula…get their kicks out of aggressive PDA…while pickpocketing unsuspecting tourists…”

The film plays out like a gritty soap opera as the story jumps from one relationship to the next, all ending with everyone’s loyalties and life-choices are put to the test. While Molly is out of town, Christina hooks up with a friend, Robert, who gets her pregnant. Already with a child from another relationship, Robert is not financially ready for another child. This lapse in judgment puts an end to Molly and Christina.

Anna and Paula’s relationship is also tested when Paula is caught pickpocketing Molly and is upset when Anna cowardly runs off. Finally, Ramsey continues his crime spree and escalates the level of stolen booty and danger. Ultimately, every choice the film’s characters make all comes to a head at the end of the movie in a tragic manner.

A Slice of Life in Barcelona (2015)

Directed and Written: Maria Galindo

Starring: Tony Corvillo, Irina Fernandez, Oscar Gomez, Jessica Hernandez, Anneke Necro, Madalina Pirvan, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

A Slice of Life in Barcelona Image

"…an independent film in the purest sense."

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