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A Real Killjoy 2

By Alan Ng | February 8, 2022

The zombie outbreak is not just going after your brains, but your personal space as well in writer/director/star Tara Erickson’s comedy-horror short, A Real Killjoy 2.

A terrified couple, Diane (Mira Flamenco) and Nicole (Lara Gatling), are being stalked by a zombie (Shawna Pardo), who doesn’t respect their relationship boundaries. Their only hope is the infamous “zombie slayer” Sam Jones (Tara Erickson) and her very clingy partner, Melissa (Mary O’Neil). But is Sam’s price too high?

“…being stalked by a zombie, who doesn’t respect their relationship boundaries.”

Running at just over five minutes, A Real Killjoy 2 is essentially a comedic sketch poking fun at how important it is to have someone else do nasty “killing” for us. Tara Erickson plays our brutal savior surrounded by the craziness of the zombie apocalypse quite well. She clearly understands this material inside and out, playing the role with the right amount of verve.

Despite the fun on display, there is a problem. In my opinion, the short ends way too soon. Still, A Real Killjoy 2 is an enjoyable albeit far too brief ride.

For more information about A Real Killjoy 2, visit filmmaker Tara Erickson’s official website.

A Real Killjoy 2 (2022)

Directed and Written: Tara Erickson

Starring: Tara Erickson, Mira Flamenco, Lara Gatling, Shawna Pardo, Mary O'Neil, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

A Real Killjoy 2 Image


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