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A Nun’s Curse

By Brian Shaer | May 14, 2020

Ghost stories have been traumatizing children throughout history, whether it’s parents gleefully scaring the crap out of their kids, camp counselors terrorizing their charges late at night, or scoutmasters regaling their troops with spooky stories around the campfire. Whatever the specifics of the particular story may be, one aspect remains consistent: the horrifying ghoul at the center of the tale is the cause of countless kidnappings and deaths. In A Nun’s Curse, writer-director Tommy Faircloth makes his contribution to this timeless genre by introducing Sister Monday.

Ashley’s (Erika Edwards) father has been unnerving his daughter ever since childhood with stories about Sister Monday (Felissa Rose). The story goes that following a mysterious fire years ago at the convent where she lived, Sister Monday took a post in a penitentiary close by. During her tenure at the jail, however, Sister Monday was accused of murdering the prisoners. Now the spectral sister may be haunting the since-abandoned facility.

“The legend of Sister Monday may turn out to be more than a ghost story…”

Ashley has always found herself intrigued by tales of Sister Monday. So she and her sister, Gabby (Kristi Ray), seize an opportunity to visit the abandoned church and do some exploring. Along with Gabby’s boyfriend, Anthony (Damian Maffei), and Ashley’s friend, Michael (Gunner Willis), a road trip to their family’s vacation house for the weekend, becomes a sojourn to the haunted site.

But a storm is on the horizon (more on that later), and Anthony has somehow lost the keys to their ride, causing the foursome to reluctantly seek shelter in the nearby abandoned penitentiary. The legend of Sister Monday may turn out to be more than a ghost story after all.

Anyplace that is abandoned, especially a place where nefarious things occurred long ago, carries with it an innate dread. Recognizing this, Faircloth exploits the abandoned church and prison locations to terrific effect. He nails how creepy and downright scary it would be to encounter such places. The ominous atmosphere is definitely A Nun’s Curse signature element.

A Nun's Curse (2020)

Directed and Written: Tommy Faircloth

Starring: Felissa Rose, Erika Edwards, Kristi Ray, Damian Maffei, Gunner Willis, Michael James Daly, Sean Krumbholz, Ashley-Kae Luker, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

A Nun's Curse Image

"…ghost stories have been traumatizing children throughout history"

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