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By Eric Campos | August 18, 2004

Freddie’s on his way to the South Pacific for some kind of diplomatic mission for twelve months. It’s a tough job, but what’s occupying Freddie’s nerves more is just how he’s going to keep his rich bitch girlfriend, Gwen, loyal to him while he’s away for the whole year. Enter little Freddie, a dog Freddie buys and names after himself in a move to hopefully keep Gwen’s affection towards him running strong. But, not long after Freddie takes off, the tramp is running around with another guy. All the while, we overhear television news briefs about a rebel uprising in the area Freddie has headed to, as well as a phone message he leaves Gwen which is cut short as he is captured by these rebels – all of this of course Gwen misses out on as she’s too busy being wrapped up in her new beau. Fortunately, little Freddie is there to stick up for big Freddie, eating this new boyfriend’s sweaters and pooping in his shoes and ultimately taking more drastic action.

In a time when brutal prisoner of war footage is floating around the Net, some may not find Freddie’s predicament all that funny. Good thing that dog’s so goddamn cute, though. And it’s a better thing that everyone gets just what they deserve in the end.

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