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A Fox in the Night

By Alan Ng | January 18, 2023

Do opposites attract? This simple question is answered in Keeran Anwar Blessie’s short film, A Fox in the Night.

Blessie stars as Lewis, a gay black man who finds himself in a sketchy part of South London to buy some drugs for a party later that evening. Just a tad fearful for his safety, Lewis finds his way into his dealer Daniel’s (Korey Ryan) apartment. The transaction is done relatively quickly, but Lewis is having trouble connecting with a rideshare driver because of the neighborhood. As Lewis and Daniel wait for the driver, the pair step onto the balcony for fresh air. Daniel coaxes a coy Lewis to take off his coat and reveal his leopard print top. Now, Lewis wants Daniel to remove his cap in return.

Daniel coaxes a coy Lewis to take off his coat and reveal his leopard print top.”

A Fox in the Night is a short film about a drug deal that suddenly turns into a sweet romance without any warning. I hate using phrases like “for a gay romance…” But the reality is that this romance works regardless of whether you, the audience, are gay or straight.

The number one requirement for romantic films is to make the viewers fall in love alongside the lead protagonist, and Keeran Anwar Blessie does just that. He takes two contrasting characters and places them in a romantic situation we’ve all been in at some point in our life. First, it’s this dance, wondering if the other person is interested in you. Then comes the encouragement to open oneself up to a stranger in a profoundly personal way. It finally ends with a thought or an item coyly passed on, like a fox in the night, that triggers the memory of this moment.

I’ve often pushed back on the idea that representation is about seeing people who look like me or who I identify with on screen. The reality is representation is all about seeing our life experience and connecting with it no matter how far or close you resemble the characters. Falling in love is a powerful feeling. A Fox in the Night makes you believe in love in all forms.

A Fox in the Night (2022)

Directed and Written: Keeran Anwar Blessie

Starring: Keeran Anwar Blessie, Korey Ryan, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

A Fox in the Night Image

"…make the audience fall in love alongside the lead protagonist..."

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