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3 Sisters

By Matthew Roe | February 6, 2019

When creating a film utilizing only still images, narration, sound effects, and background score, the end results can be a bit uncertain. It could hold powerful emotional resonance and contemplation along the lines of Chris Marker’s La Jetée and the works of Justin Xu, or it could be an artsy commercial to sell jewelry and not much else. While Darren Statman’s 3 Sisters does have stunning photography and well-executed sound design, it is haplessly void of much else as its focus on its highlighted product mitigates any further potential.

“…plays out like snapshots of memories jigsawed together…”

Told through the point of view of a grandmother recounting details of her three granddaughters, and conversations she had with them, the short plays out like snapshots of memories jigsawed together, with bursts of foley and ambient sound to provide a deeper sense of immersion despite the static imagery. While the voice acting is decent and maintains our focus throughout, the photography and story are unable to bridge the artistry of its creators with its product placement for Jessica de Lotz Jewellery. Unlike short film commercials where the product is there to accentuate or underlie what is already occurring within the plot, much like Jake Scott’s Le Fantôme for Ford Edge, this instance cannot seem to blend its nostalgic story with its sales pitch beyond some vaguely esoteric photos of necklaces hanging off plants.

3 Sisters is less an experiment in cinematic form than it is an easy way to kill a couple of minutes observing beautiful women posing in beautiful jewelry.

3 Sisters (2018) Directed by Darren Statman.

5 out of 10

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