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By Dante James | February 22, 2019

Sex robots are becoming more and more of a “thing” these days, so naturally (for better or worse) we are going to see more and more movies involving the “forbidden tango” between man and machine.

In Princeton Holt’s: 2050, we get to see a glimpse of “the future” (which probably due to budget restraints looks remarkably like 2019). And in this new world, we see machines that have become identical in appearance to actual human beings, from realistic flesh and hair, to even sweat.

This story follows a video game developer named Michael (David Vaughn) and his less-than-supportive wife, Brooke (Irina Abraham) who have become bored with one another but are still (slightly) fighting to keep their relationship together. But things take a turn when they pay a visit to Brooke’s brother, Drew (Devin Fuller), and Michael discovers that Drew’s new girlfriend Quin (Stormi Maya) is actually a sex robot (I really wish there was a better word for it, but here we are).

“…Michael discovers that Drew’s new girlfriend Quin is actually a sex robot…”

After Drew gives Michael the scoop on where he purchased his new “toy,” he is intrigued by the idea of this underground world where human-beings are hooking up with robotic partners. So he eventually gives in and decides to go the secret location Drew told him about, and there he meets bartender/robot pimp, Maxwell (Dean Cain). He convinces Michael to design the “partner” of his desires. And like a scene out of Weird Science, Michael creates Sophia (Stefanie Bloom). After which, lines are blurred, and the questioning of his morality begins.

2050 asks some interesting questions concerning where we are going as human beings and our almost symbiotic relationship with technology. But the biggest problem here is, other films (HER) and TV shows (Westworld) have done it better. Everything about the human/robot connections in this film that were supposed to be so intriguing and “high-minded,” felt very hollow and lazy.

“…adds to the tenseness of him being caught out on the town with his ‘robo-gal.'”

But even with a mediocre script, the cast to their credit did a fine job selling their characters. Not having seen most of the cast’s previous work, I have nothing to judge their performances on, but it was as solid as one could hope in this movie. The strain in Michael and Brooke’s relationship felt authentic, which adds to the tenseness of him being caught out on the town with his “robo-gal.”

Would I recommend 2050?

Though the title would have you believe you were watching a “futuristic” film involving robots, the truth is, it just feels like a cheesy soap opera or novella. There is nothing that keeps you invested in this movie besides the occasional sex scene and scattered nudity. Which unfortunately is all this movie has going for it.

2050 (2018) Directed by Princeton Holt. Written by Brian Ackley and Princeton Holt. Starring Dean Cain, David Vaughn, Irina Abraham, Devin Fuller, Stefanie Bloom, and Stormi Maya.

5 OUT OF 10


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  1. Muh says:

    A movie starring Dean Cain and a porn star? How can it be bad?

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