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2015: Future Uncertain

By Alan Ng | July 8, 2024

As foretold in Justin Miller’s sci-fi comedy 2015: Future Uncertain, it’s 2015, and the Earth is hanging on by a limb. Since the disastrous supernova incident in 1968, the Earth has been scorched and stopped rotating. North America is under constant daylight, and the only hope for humanity is a group of scientists—mostly American.

Leonard (Matthew Schmid) is a disgraced scientist who lives the rest of his day giving directions to hopeless travelers by radio. He is grateful for the ample supply of kiwi fruit supplied to him by his friend, Suzie (Samantha Russell). Every so often, Leonard’s protective uniform, known as a skin sack, wears down, and he needs to replace it, taking on a whole new appearance. In this case, Leonard #2 (Alyssa Truszkowski).

One day, while heading out the front door to pick up the newspaper, Leonard sees an unknown spaceman literally burning from solar rays. The incident calls the attention of Detective Condor (Darryl Charles), but clearly, Condor is not telling him everything.

After contacting his long-time friend Ralph (Alejandro Morales), Leonard learns that Earth’s scientists’ series of failures to reignite the supernova may not have been mistakes but sabotage. Now, it’s up to Leonard #2 and #3 (Zachary Uzupis) to uncover the conspiracy to end humanity and reignite the supernova before time runs out.

“…the Earth has been scorched and stopped rotating. North America is under constant daylight…”

2015: Future Uncertain falls right into the intentional B-movie sci-fi genre, which means it’s a comedy. What’s instantly apparent is that writer/director/composer Justin Miller loves this genre, and 2015: Future Uncertain is his homage to the B-movies of the past.

He nails the impossible plot of humanity’s demise and the maybe-futile attempt to save it. The film is shot in black-and-white and in the old postage stamp aspect ratio. The props, including the communications back Leonard sits in front of, are amazingly cheap but effective. The acting is stilted, along with the walking (watch the film), and I loved it.

Before you call me crazy for liking 2015: Future Uncertain, yes, the first thing you’ll notice is its micro-budget. The story takes place in a cabin in the woods, yet effort has been spent on the cheap props and costumes.

The plot then has many holes, just like the genre Miller chooses to celebrate, but the comedy binds everything together. No, I’m not talking laugh-out-loud jokes and one-liners, but the humor is so dry I’m sure it inspired its scorched-earth plot. Jokes are buried within the dialogue and plot and have this tendency to sneak up from behind you.

The cast is also brilliant in that, like the great comedies before them, they play their roles as deadly and serious as possible. Just say the line with zero irony and nary a wink to the camera. Let’s be real. If you’re paying homage to the schlocky B-movies of old, you will ultimately have a schlocky B-movie in the end. But fun is what you get in the end.

2015: Future Uncertain is a delightful tribute to the sci-fi B-movies of old, with the charmingly flawed elements that define the genre. Justin Miller’s love for this style is on full display, and his film delivers both nostalgia and humor in spades. If you’re a fan of quirky, low-budget sci-fi comedies, this movie is an entertaining ride you won’t want to miss.

2015: Future Uncertain (2024)

Directed and Written: Justin Miller

Starring: Melanie Rosedale, Matthew Schmid, Samantha Russell, Darryl Charles, Zachary Uzupis, Vincent DiCostanzo, Zoey Miller, Alejandro Morales, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

2015: Future Uncertain Image

"…a delightful tribute to the sci-fi B-movies of old..."

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